Monday, October 27, 2008

this is what i call rambling...

and I do it so well.

is 2008 over yet? I am so done with the year. It started out great. (they always seem too if you ask me) But as the year has gone on it seems to of fizzled out or something. I am ready to move on to the next one.

Also why is it when you seem to hit a fork in the road of your life and you think you take the right turns out you didnt. or it turns out that this fork seems to have alot more forks in it??

Ever feel like you dont understand you dont understand their reasonings....why they do what they do. I swear I could sit here for hours upon hours and try to figure it out. and it frustrates me to no end when I cant seem to get it. I want to get it...but I cant. I need a freakin manual for dummies or something to understand some people.

But 2008 over yet??

Friday, September 26, 2008

crap! the time is here!!

well not really...more like in 14 or so hours. *cry* *cry* *cry*

So come 14 (or so) hours from now I will become the dreaded 3-0.

I have gone thru a few reactions to this age....happy, sad, denial, acceptance, denial again....why is it 30 is such a huge milestone?? why is it so hard for some people?? For me it seems like a huge mile stone I am crossing. I mean yeah I have done a lot of stuff in the years leading up to 30. Married, have kids, have a house....stuff people normally do....but why is it 30 seems like you are closing an era of your life?? Its like ok your 30 need to grow up and act your age. The 20's are over and more acting like a youngin.

Yeah I'll tell you right now that isnt the way I plan on spending my 30's....ya know acting like an adult. I want to spend it having fun...doing alot of stuff that I wasnt able to get done in my 20's because I couldnt afford it. I want to go to Vegas, I want to go to Disney World, I want to go to New York and see an actual Broadway play. I have stuff I want to do....and plan to do so before I tunr 40!! I've got 10 years...I can do it. Who's with me on this??

OK...Im off to enjoy the last day of my 20's....maybe I should do something totally wild totally unexpected. hmmmmm. lol

Monday, September 15, 2008

pass me the slacker award!!

because this girl is seriously slackin on here!! Oy! Im sorry blog! Please forgive me. Lemme ponder here....are there any updates....there are some but some I really dont want to have out here in blog land because its personal. And you just have to deal with that.

Now on to fun stuff.

This past friday my friend Mo and I had a "no plans" night. Which technically is a "plan"...but we pretty much went with the flow and didnt really commit to much.... So we started out our night at a local park sippin beer. So hott huh? It was just one can. We figured after the past few weeks we went thru we deserved it. Anyways. From there we decided to go get something to eat. And let me just say whom ever decided to put peanut butter on a hamburger....yeah I will always love you!! The best every!! It sounds disturbing....but oh so good! And then from there we decided to go by a high school football game. (I was doing it for a friend...I swear we dont spend our friday nights going to high school football games trying to re-live old memories...) So we go to the game, get ourselves some cotton candy, and stay for about.....10 minutes...if that. As we stood there in the back of the bleachers and we saw how TINY the kids were on the team and the years that were on the backs of the cheerleaders outfits we realized we were too old for this and promptly left. (Im talkin year of '12!! '12!!! ugh I feel old! Thats like 4 years away from my own 20 year reunion!!!) We then decided to meet up with this guy she had been talking to from myspace. OK....what the heck...they always say that if you are going to meet up with someone from the internet to bring someone along...(words that I didnt listen to 11 years has the internet been around that long!!!!!) So I was going whether I liked it or not. So we get directions and go to pick the guy up. We get there, and he's outside waiting for us. As he is walking up to the car I am like OH MY GOD!! I know you!!! (poor guy he had the look like WTF did I just walk into!?!?) Turns out tho....yup....I knew him!! lol! We actually had gone to elementary school together. Small world....yes!! And at least it was an ice breaker. lol!!

And so....well that was my night friday night. Saturday we spent it watching movies. And sunday watching tv.

OK...I promise I wont slack as much on here. pinky swear.

Friday, August 8, 2008

summer colds

I hate em. They suck. You arent supposed to be sick in the summer. You arent supposed to have chills and feel like it is freakin freezing out and even tho you have on a ton of layers of clothes on and a blanket on you. NO matter what you do you still feel cold. *sigh* This is how I am feeling today so far. I have on long pants, and a sweatshirt here in my office and yet I still feel cold. I am even chuggin down hot tea to help warm me up. Nothing is helping. I mean I am so cold that my nipples are both hard, so hard that they hurt. I need a hot bath or something. I wonder if I have a fever.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

high prices and classy places...

yeah SOOO not for me. VIP style...not for me either. Been there, done that. Did not buy the t-shirt.

Why do people feel the need to shell out tons of money for so-called "VIP" service at some club?? What do you get special? A cool place to sit? Free alcohol? Free parking? A tank of gas?? From my experience from the VIP service you get this fancy schmancy place to sit that has this chick who is supposed to bring you your stuff...but that never happens or if it does it takes FOREVER for them to even get to you!! Then you have to pay like $200 for a bottle of hard alcohol. Uhmmm...the last I checked I could go to BevMo and get the same excact bottle for a about 75% less the price you all make one pay for that uber cool VIP service you have.

I guess if the VIP service is for you by all means go for it. It just isnt for me. I just do not fit that scene. I personally rather hit up my local bar, get a pitcher of beer for $7.50 and have myself a good night with laughter and my good friends.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I am a very friendly person, I tend to have alot of friends. I have different groups of friends. But then I also have my solid friends, the ones that I know will be there no matter what for me. The ones that I know that I can call in the middle of the night when my car breaks down who will pick me up.

But then I also have some friends out there that really arent close to me anymore. And as many times as people tell me stop pondering on what happend. I find myself doing it (pondering) from time to time and I realized...friendships go south, they change, not really because you change, but more because they did, or maybe you both did. Who could be a major combonation of things. But what I have noticed is with some of my lost friendships is that those friends came into my life when I needed them the most. They were like that diamond in the rough. The shining star I needed. The rock that allowed me to lean on them. That extra push that I needed when I needed it. And then just as fast as they came into my life they were gone.

It really hurts my heart sometimes when I think back on friendships lost because I thought that I had a solid friend in some of them. I guess I was wrong. oh well.

Besides...I really wouldnt want to trade in my solid friendships for the flakey ones. We are flakey enough just being us!! lol!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

random updates...

random#1 -- it is going to cost about $1000 bucks to fix my truck. That is to fix the a/c and the gas gauge. Uhmmm....yeah I have lasted this long with out either, I can deal with it.

random#2 -- i think it is time to retire poor James (my truck) with all the miles he has on him and things wrong with him.

random#3 -- I really want to buy a chevy HHR. They are funky looking, but damn I think they are cute. It has personality. It is actually the first car ever that I actually have a real opinion on getting. I have my mind set on it.

random#4 -- We want to buy another house after we get our credit back in order.

random#5 -- as much as I want to go to the party on saturday and camping next week. I at the same time really dont. I am getting worn out and am about to snap.

random#6 -- i really need to get to working on my "100 things about me" post. Do you know how hard it is to come up with 100 things about yourself?? its hard!